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PLEASE READ: The current wait time is around 1 week (sometimes sooner). Shipping cost is around US$180 (international). Misa is not responsible for any Customs / Duty Tax charged that may be charged by your country.

Each misa tri-bass is mostly hand assembled, which means every unit will be slightly different in some way. Also, Misa is just one person: me (Michael). It is not a large company with a dedicated support team. If this makes you uncomfortable please reconsider before purchasing. Thanks for understanding! :)

The Misa Tri-Bass is a MIDI controller. It makes no sound of its own, so you need to connect it to a sound generator (like a synthesizer, or a computer). It has two main parts:

  1. touch sensitive neck
  2. touch screen

WHAT IS INCLUDED: One Misa Tri-Bass with internal rechargeable battery, power adapter, MIDI cable, MIDI-to-USB cable.

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